Little Penguin Can’t Contain His Laughter When His Human Friend Tickles Him! Adorable

Need a laugh? A guaranteed way to do that is to be tickled. No one enjoys a good tickle session as much as the adorable little penguin you are about to see.  Everyone and I mean everyone loves penguins. Wouldn’t you want the chance to tickle one? You are going to be in stitches when you see this amazing video for yourself! I still can’t stop laughing at how cute this is!

This cutie is called Cookie for good reason and he is the mascot of the Zoo Bird House at the Cincinnati Zoo. This clip was shot by Patricia Sund when she was working as a guest keeper at the zoo. One of his human handlers tickles his underside and Cookie can’t help but giggle like crazy in response. I can’t get enough of this amazing animal! He will most definitely melt your heart!

The bandage on Cookie’s foot is from a condition called bumble foot and he has to have it changed on a daily basis. While changing his sock on this particular day the staff wanted to see if they could capture his laugh on video. He shakes his tail and finally walks over to one of the handlers who is at a table.

Watch as the keeper reaches down and tickles little Cookie on the belly and he goes completely crazy! At least they are all having fun at the zoo today.

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