Little Penguin Goes Wild With Emotion When He Sees Who Just Stepped Into The Room

Most of us, when we hear about penguins there is one image that comes to mind. Black and white. Maybe even Batman movie? We know very little of them. We know for example that they live in freezing-cold climates. Because of this condition, most people will not be able to interact with them, ever. We all see them as very fragile and little. A clear majority of people will never have the chance to interact with them up-close. If they could, they might be shocked at just how loving these little birds can be!

These little animals have many things going for them in the cuteness category. To start, they walk funny, they are chubby and just darn cute! Even though they are birds and have wings; they cannot fly. They have webbed feet and flippers that they use to swim through the cool waters of the southern hemisphere and Galápagos Islands.

There are many varieties of Penguins, even though we might just know one. One of the smallest species that exists is called Eudyptula minor, or put in simple English: “little penguins.” So, you’re thinking with a name like that they must be little, right? Well, they are. They measure just between 13 and 17 inches. That’s very small! Little penguins can be seen on the coastlines of New Zealand, the Chatham Islands, Southern Australia, and even Chile!

In New Zealand, they are also known as blue penguins. People also called them little blue penguins because of the distinctive coloring of the feathers. Australians, in general, refer to them as fairy penguins. Anyway you call them, they are cute. The good news is that they are in no way an endangered species. Which is good.

Now, this news should make everyone happy, even the Penguins themselves. Apparently, one of them who lives in the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio is. His name is Cookie and after you see him you will agree that he is a little heartbreaker. You must see him, trust me. There was this day that this adorable fellow was wandering around the zoo’s facilities.

Whenever he’s in plain sight, staff at the school like to film him. They could catch him on film on a very special occasion. He’s wandering around, and suddenly he spots his favorite caretaker. You can literally see his little face fill up with joy and excitement. This caretaker was indeed someone very special, and it showed! You absolutely must see is video. When you do, he will still your heart!