Little Penguin Searches For His Caregiver. When He Finally Finds Him, He Goes Bonkers

As the name suggests, the “little penguin” is the world’s smallest species of penguin. They stand barely more than a foot tall and weigh in at about 3 pounds. In addition to their diminutive size, they’re known for their distinctive slate-gray plumage and because of this are sometimes called the “little blue penguin.” The little penguin’s natural habitat extends across the south coasts of Australia and New Zealand. Their awkward gait on land is comic, but once in the water, these birds become downright graceful as the look for their next meal, typically fish, squid, or crustaceans.

Cookie is a little penguin who lives at the Cincinnati Zoo. He’s very friendly with people and serves as the mascot of the zoo’s Bird House. Although well cared for, he does suffer from “bumblefoot,” a bacterial infection that often appears in penguins and certain other birds that live in zoos or aquariums. Dressings on his feet help a lot and Cookie gets new ones daily, or as a zoo staffer puts it, “We have to change his socks every day.”

The video we’ve posted below gives you a look at a bit of behind-the-scenes action at the Cincinnati Zoo. Cookie the little penguin is inside for a change of socks. He wanders around aimlessly, shaking his tail in true penguin fashion. He’s gently encouraged to waddle over to another room. When he sees that his favorite caregiver is there, he goes absolutely bonkers! This has got to be a candidate for cutest thing ever.

We suspect Cookie always greets his best friend with this ridiculously cute display of affection and, indeed, he zoo staffer making the video seems glad to be able to say, “I finally got that on tape.”

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