Little pug has the most adorable reaction to broccoli

If you’ve ever had a dog living with you at home, you probably already know that they will try to eat anything they come across, except when it comes to vegetables. It’s common dog knowledge, after all, that bacon is good, veggies are bad. The pug in this video doesn’t agree though and decided to take it to a whole new level, and when you see him devouring his favorite snack in it, you’ll be convinced yourself that not all dogs think about bacon all the time. In my personal experience, pugs are some of the pickiest eaters, but this one is the absolute opposite.

The adorable black pug is a perfect example of doggy fitness! Instead of asking for regular dog treats, the dog as an unending love for a very particular food that most dogs would turn their nose up at. Broccoli! That’s right, this dog absolutely loves “miniature trees”, and she shows it in this adorable video. Getting a kid to like broccoli might be a huge challenge, but these proud pug parents got very lucky with their dog!

Toby, as the dog is called, lights right up with joy when he sees that his parents have gotten more broccoli for him. He munches on the little veggie instantly, and he doesn’t even leave anything left for later. You don’t have to worry, broccoli is completely safe for dog consumption, and it will probably even help him a lot.

I didn’t even know that dogs could eat vegetables like that, let alone enjoy it so much. But broccoli is actually 100% safe for dog consumption and it can bring them a very nice dose of calcium, and folic acid. It’s important to remember, not every single fruit or vegetable is dog-friendly, so you must inform yourself before you give your furry friend some human food!

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You’ll see how he gets so excited to eat the broccoli; he bites at it until there’s nothing left to eat. As far as videos of animals munching on vegetables before, I think this one is one of the very best.