A Little Pug Puppy Discovers Himself In The Mirror, And It’s Too Adorable To Be True!

When dogs are still in their young puppy age, they still have even more innocence and excitement that good ol’ adult dogs keep for their entire life, so it’s irresistible to watch them when they’re doing their adorable little antics. The baby pug in the clip right below is a very active and energetic pup, and he likes to spend his time chasing everything new he sees and discovering the world, bit by bit. Puppies get excited about every new thing that they find, but they sometimes are too young to understand every single one, like their own reflection, for example!

You’ll be able to see this hyper pug puppy playing around in a room, and when he notices his own reflection on it he reacts in such a way that is just too funny to believe! The hilarious moment that followed made my entire week, and I’m sure that you’ll love it as well, even if you’re not particularly fond of dogs at all. That’s the power that puppies have, and pugs by themselves are some of the most adorable and compelling animals you could ever have living with you.

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