Little pup is afraid to use the stairs, but when he slides down I have to laugh. LOL!

Stairs can be huge, frightening obstacles to a tiny, adorable puppy, looking way more steep and dangerous than they really are. But this clever puppy in the video has found a way to fight his fear and get down those stairs and it is sure to make you laugh. He’s a little Labrador and you have to see his clever way of getting down the stairs. His owners helped him, of course, but it seems he prefers help from his mom and dad’s solution rather than doing things on his own.

When this puppy was learning how to get down the stairs, the family gave him a ramp to make it easier because he was so small. In the video he seems big enough now to just walk down the stairs, but the family knows the dog has to learn at his own pace and that the ramp makes it easier for him. Or maybe it’s just more fun for them to watch him use the ramp, so they don’t bother teaching him to come down the stairs without it!

I’ve certainly never seen a puppy get down the stairs in such an adorable way, and it seems the dad didn’t expect him to get down this way either. He’s so cute flopping down on his belly to slide down the ramp. Smooth move! This puppy is so precious. I just fell in love with him sliding down that ramp.

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