This Little Pup Gets His First Hiccups. I Lost It When He Did THIS To Deal With It! LOL!

Every part of our body is useful. No matter which part of the body you think of, if you research it carefully, you will find their most amusing utilities. Hiccups are part of our daily life. It is useful for us, and is especially useful for four legged animals. It used to help our ancestors; who used to walk in four legs, in the digestive process. However, we cannot deny that it is annoying as hell.

This little pup in the video is also having his first hiccup ever. Anyone would feel annoyed when they get hiccups and this little guy is no exception. We mostly cure our hiccups by drinking water or taking deep breathes, however, this little guy has his unique way to deal with it. How he does it? This is just too cute!

Watch how this 8 week old Buck deals with his first hiccup. Isn’t that adorable? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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