This Little Pup Was Having Trouble With The Stairs. But Her Brother Teaches Her How To Conquer It!

Recollect the time when you were a tiny little kid and your parents taught you how to walk, step by step. Remember how the world suddenly got so big and scary when you looked down the stairs, and how you would rather cry your heart out than lift your pudgy little legs to go down? Well, we have to learn all sorts of things to become an adult, and walking down the stairs was definitely one of them.

Just like us, little pups also need lessons on growing up. And one of those lessons is how to conquer the dreaded and monstrous stairs. The puppy in video is Daisy and she is scared of going down the stairs, but luckily, her older pal Simon is there to help her through it! Simon is proving to be a great teacher and motivator.

When Simon sees Daisy is scared, he goes to the top of the stairs to show her what to do, without any command from his human. She is as surprised as anyone at how many times he goes to the top of the stairs to show Daisy what to do and encourage her to come down. She tries to give up, but Simon won’t let her.

Finally, Daisy comes down the stairs, and at the halfway point, protective Simon stands watch to make sure she doesn’t come tumbling down. Aww! He’s so sweet, and he loves his little sister.

Watch this adorable video below! What did you think of Simon teaching Daisy to conquer her fear of stairs? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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