This Little Pup Is Trying To Figure Out What A Doorstopper Is. Laughable!

Every dog owner can go on and on about how much they love dogs, but for me there’s really just one reason I enjoy being a pet parent so much.

It is so lovely when you are greeted at the front door by your dog when you come home and it is really cool when your dog senses that you had a bad day and makes it all better with just a snuggle. But the best thing I like about dogs is the way they make me feel. Even when dogs like this one are guilty and caught red-handed, they look so innocent that it reminds you the times when you were young!

The video below features a little pup named Mango who encounters a doorstopper for the first time in his life. He looks a little bit confused about its purpose in the world. I bet I did the same thing when I was a kid! What made me laugh was the hilarious way this curious little pup was trying to understand what this doorstopper for!

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