When This Little Puppy Encounters A Gigantic Great Dane, What Happens Next Is ADORABLE!

For a small puppy, the world is an enormous place full of wonder and excitement, that holds many things to discover. As we all know, dogs are some of the friendliest and most curious creatures that exist on Earth, so it comes as no surprise when you see a puppy being impossibly sweet and innocent. The puppy in the video below meets a big new friend, and his reaction is not what you would expect!

The tiny puppy featured in this next video is named Mikey, and he’s just a few inches tall, but he’s already an adventurer. He’s not afraid of anything, and as you will see in this following video, his cunning is very evident. He escaped from his kennel to join the big dogs in the fun!

Soon after leaving his enclosure, he came across a huge Great Dane called Sasha, whose attention is immediately drawn by the adorable puppy. Mikey also got interested in the big dog, and the two of them befriend each other quickly, despite being of very different sizes.

Watch this dog friendship be born in the adorable video below, I’m sure you’re going to adore it!

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