Little puppy is scared to use the stairs. But when he gets down? I’m cracking up!

For a small and innocent puppy, stairways can be truly terrifying. Thankfully, the adorable Lab puppy in the following video has found a revolutionary way to get around this scary obstacle! Thanks to his human friend, he won’t have to go through those scary steps one by one anymore. You won’t believe how cute he looks when she uses his new gadget!

Dad got a new ramp just for the puppy, so that she doesn’t have to face the fear of the staircase anymore. Eventually, when he gets bigger, he’ll be able to step down the stairs by himself with no trouble, but for now, going down the fun slide is more than enough!

The puppy gets on his belly and slides down perfectly, and it’s so adorable, I wish we could all just relax and live life like that cute pup. Puppies are very innocent and unaware of their surroundings, and every new thing that they find can be scary or mysterious for them. I’m glad that happens, because it allows for beautiful and hilarious moments like this one to happen.

Enjoy this sweet Labrador sliding down a ramp fearlessly in the video just below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook to share the smiles!