Little Puppy Turns Around To Fart In Her Brother’s Face, And His Reaction Is So Funny

Most of the time, we as humans are very fortunate to meet that dogs that cross our paths in life. But sometimes other dogs are not so lucky when another dog crosses their path. They are very friendly most of the time and very loving to their fellow furry siblings and everyone they meet. But sometimes, puppies especially can be very mischievous when they want to be and some are quite the practical jokers. Take Lacie, for example. She’s the precious, innocent looking little puppy in the video below, but she is also obnoxious and very naughty!  As the newest member of her new family, she may have been just a tad bit spoiled.

Lacie has a big brother named Mac and he is trying to get acquainted with his baby sister, being polite but curious, but Lacie has other ideas about who is in charge here. She has no trouble showing him that she plans to be the new boss, but her energetic and overenthusiastic way of showing makes her less than popular with big brother Mac. Her escapades prove to be just a bit too much for him and as tensions rise, his reaction to the pup’s antics is pretty funny. Just wait until you see what she does to him near the end of the video.

Just when the argument was about to get very heated and exciting, Lacie decided to pull out all the stops and really let one rip against her big brother, and I bet Mac didn’t see that coming from a mile away.

Watch this adorable doggy quarrel in the video right below. It’s too cute!

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