Little Puppy Turns Around & Farts In Her Brother’s Face, But Watch How The Older Dog Reacts

Dogs are really some of the best sources of entertainment and amusement on this planet, so that must be why there are so many dog videos out there. But sometimes they can be just as mischievous as humans, and quite the practical jokers when they want to be, and that is the case in this next clip. Take, for example, Lacie, the little puppy in this next clip. Lacie is the newest addition to this family, and in this video her big brother Mac wants to get acquainted with her. But Lacie makes sure to show him that she is not scared of him and that she fully intends to be the boss. Wait till you see what she does next to prove it to him.

At first things seemed just fine between these two, but then just when their argument was entering a heated phase and both of the dogs were getting more animated, Lacie decided to take their quarrel to a whole new level! She really doesn’t play fair. I couldn’t stop my laughter when she turned around and did something really unexpected to Mac. The look on the poor Corgi’s face is priceless to say the least! He may not have liked her attitude, but I think even Mac thought this was a particularly unfair thing for Lacie to do.

Watch Lacie’s antics in the video. Were you expecting her to do something like that? Let us know your reaction to this video in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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