Little Puppy Turns Around And Farts In Her Brother’s Face. But The Way He Reacts? PRICELESS!

Dogs really are one of the finest creatures that we’ve ever had the luck to meet. They’re very friendly almost all the time, and they love to show their love to everyone they meet. But they can be very annoying when they really set their goal on it. For example, Lacie, the little and adorable puppy in the video below, is also an obnoxious rascal. She’s the newest member of the family, and she might have been spoiled a little bit too much.

Her big brother Mac wants to get acquainted with his new sister, but she has other plans. Lacie has no trouble showing that she wants to be the new boss, and the energetic and excited way she shows it is a little bit too much for ol’ Mac. But the tensions kept rising and you have to see what Lacie did to Mac by the end!

Just when the argument was about to get very heated and exciting, Lacie decided to let it all go and went all out against her big brother, and I bet Mac didn’t see that coming from a mile away.

Watch this adorable doggy quarrel in the video right below, it’s too cute!

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