This Tiny Little Puppy Has Developed Some Very Underhanded Tricks To Win Her Argument

Sibling rivalry is a real thing as we all know. I was the eldest in my family so I can verify, we are tough to beat. And of course, we are sneaky. There are times though that our younger siblings learn from us – be it from our mistakes or from how to run a con on another sibling.

Well, who knew that sibling rivalry carried on in the animal kingdom? Okay, actually, we do know that (we’ve all seen videos of lion cubs vying for attention). Anyway, this video is a hilarious edition of sibling rivalry, corgi style.


This video shows us big brother Mac and little sister Lacie, both gorgeous corgis. Mac loves playing with his brand-new little sister Lacie. Lacie is quite an aggressive puppy and loves to argue with her older brother, but when he is winning the argument, Lacie pulls out her secret weapon. Watch what this little puppy does to end the argument, and the look on Mac’s face is priceless.

This below-the-belt method is a sure way to stop her big brother in his tracks. She knows exactly what she’s doing and why she’s doing it. This hilarious action is sure to bring a smile (or in my case, a very loud belly laugh) to anybody who watches it.

Little Lacie has developed a very devious way of winning an argument. This puppy will have you laughing so hard you will be in tears when you see what that little dog does. Can you imagine how cheeky this little pup is going to be as she gets older?