It Was Little Rabbit’s Bath Day. What He Does? His Owners Can’t Stop Their Laughter!

Taking a hot bath after a long day is the best way to slow down and relax. And this funny rabbit here seems to agree with me on that. He is called Cloody and he is, no doubt, the calmest and unruffled animal I have ever seen! He is so relaxed that he fell asleep in his customized bath tub itself!

This little rabbit is having a grand time and he seems to be really enjoying his shower time. His owner notified in the description that Cloody also happens to like massages, except on his foot. Rabbits are clean creatures and they can clean themselves with their tongue, so they rarely need a bath. But sometimes, a wash is a necessity.

And sometimes a bath is just fun, right Cloody? He looks like he is sleeping while the water runs over his tummy. He is lying in the sink on his back. He’s a pretty big rabbit! After his bath, it is time to rinse, which doesn’t seem to be his favorite part, but his owners get him all rinsed and then it’s time to dry.

His owner says that he is taken outside to dry after a bath and quick dry with a towel. He must feel good after his bath and run around outside. He sure is cute and relaxed in his perfect-sized sink of a bathtub.

Watch this rabbit taking a shower in the video below! Can you believe how relaxed he is? Share your thoughts about this video in the comments!

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