This Little Salesman Is Only 2 Yrs Old. But Keep Your Ears Open For What He Is Selling! LOL!

Kids are one of the cutest things on this planet. Sometimes it’s sad that they grow up so quickly, isn’t it? Parents usually want to capture their children growing up through countless pictures and videos. The following video features a baby boy and his special talent. I am glad his parents consented to making this clip. His antics are sure to leave you smiling!

Cole is only two and half years old, but he is already starring in a short film called “Door To Door Salesman.” He portrays a salesman and tries his best to convince his customers to take some public speaking classes. The customer he is dealing with in this video is a particularly difficult one.

This kid does an amazing job of presenting his product to the guy at the door, and he is a tough sell. He still says no, even when the kid asks him to just buy one magazine. But at least he doesn’t slam the door in this cutie’s face.

There a few subtitles to clarify what this little guy is saying, but for the most part, he speaks clearly and does a great job of memorizing his lines. He’s not even three years old. He can’t read, so he must have had a lot of help learning those lines. What a clever little guy!

After the sketch is over, we get a glance into some hilarious outtakes as well, and you won’t want to miss those!

Watch this funny video below! Cole is really talented, isn’t he? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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