A Little Shih-Tzu Climbs Down The Stairs For The First Time, And Everyone Comes Down To Help

Tough love is sometimes the best thing we can do for a loved one, but it’s hard when they are as cute as this Shih-Tzu. But tough love is something everyone needs every now and then. This clip is just one example of a time when tough love was necessary. Reese and Charlotte, two extremely cute Shih-Tzu puppies, have one big difference between them and it involves going down a flight of stairs.

While Charlotte doesn’t hesitate to tackle the stairs, Reese just doesn’t seem to get it and finds it quite challenging. He’s scared, so his mom decides to help him by showing him how to do it and leading by example. This leads to some very amusing video, as you will see. Reese will have to do it alone eventually, but for now, getting help from mom is an adorable necessity. Help from mom also makes for some really great video that I personally am glad she shared with us.

Reese sure showed a lot of courage coming down those stairs. They must look terrifying to such a small dog. He was so scared, but he was determined and didn’t let his fear stop him from getting what he wanted. Lucky for us this highly entertaining moment of bravery was caught on video.

Watch this adorable clip of a doggy fighting his fears. I’m sure you’re going to fall in love with him and want one of your own. Share it with your friends on Facebook while you’re at it!

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