This Little Thief Got More Than He Bargained For! LOL.

Squirrels are notorious for their agility and ability to hoard food to be able to survive the harshest conditions of the seasons. It should come as no surprise that they sometimes attempt to steal food from other animals, bird-feeders being one of their favorite spots to find loot! What you may not know is that there are anti-squirrel bird-feeders now available! If you are wondering just how these contraptions work, well this is the perfect story to find out and let out a few laughs at the expense of this little thief!

This ill-advised mischievous squirrel decided to loot some of the seed food set out in this yard for his feathered companions. He did not know what he was in for, as he approached the bird feeder and attempted to climb, his world took a spin literally! Spinning bird feeders are designed to keep these critters out of the garden and away from feeders, so as he latched on he was immediately spun round like a rag doll.

While these devices are harmless to the squirrels and to be frank, quite hilarious to watch in action, I believe there should be an alternative way to protect the bird’s food without tricking these little furry critters.

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