Little Tyke Is Trying To Lie In His Dog’s Bed. Now Watch What This Dog Does

We all get in a better mood when we think about our puppies. We totally spoil our dogs and would do everything for them. From the minute we bring them home we treat like a family member and see to it that everyone else do the same.

Dogs are incredible friends to have. They are overwhelmingly smart and over the top loyal to us. If you have a pet dog you have a best friend for life and one that give you unconditional love unlike any other family member you have.

This is Lea in the video you are about to see. A Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, and she is one that is overly loving and protective of her little sibling Alfred. Alfred is just a tiny newborn who is a little curious and when he sees Lea’s bed he just figured it would be the thing to do to go test it.

Instead of getting jealous or mad, Lea just wants to make sure that Alfed, so new to the world doesn’t hurt himself. At one point the Lea is seen moving her blanket out of the way just to make things easier for her pal. This friendship is one that is sure to last forever.

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