The littlest kitty born with a serious face has the biggest heart

Adorable Cats

Christopher and Georgina had adopted two special needs cats, Toby & Quinton. Many people said that Toby was grumpy, but that was not the case. Instead, he was really affectionate and loving. However, due to a genetic condition, the poor boy looked like a senior cat.

Adorable Kitty

Toby was just like any other kitten wanting to play and be loved. Georgina thought he was the most beautiful cat she had ever seen. The kitty was obsessed with birds.

He would just sit at the window and watch them. The owners had once caught the kitty trying to imitate the birds. Toby liked to get a belly rub from Georgina. The owner thought she was lucky to have such a beautiful pet.

Adorable Cats

Toby’s brother, Quinton, was also exceptional. The cute boy had all his teeth missing. However, the two of them have been together for some time now. Toby and Quinton were rescued from the same house and were hiding together when they were rescued.

So, the rescue team had decided to keep them as a bonded pair. Toby and Quinton were inseparable. Quinton knew that Toby was a bit different and behaved like a dad to him. Quinton would always clean Toby’s face and try to take care of him.

Adorable Cats

The owners had to make their children safe with no sharp corners or open windows. There would always be a column or a step so that Toby could jump up and down. The two of them couldn’t live without one another.

Quinton knew that his brother Toby was a bit fragile and would always keep him from trouble and be gentle with him. The two cats were absolutely adorable, and their parents thought they were the luckiest cat parents.

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