On live TV, apparently for the first time, 5 year-old gives an epic interview

When Sofia Ojeda of Scranton, Pennsylvania’s WNEP-TV interviewed a 5-year-old boy at the Wayne County Fair, little could she have suspected he was going to become an internet sensation. As you’ll see, he had a very well-developed vocabulary for someone his age: “apparently” was apparently his word-of-the-day!

Noah Ritter, from Wilkes-Barre, was at the fair with his grandfather, enjoying a day of agricultural exhibits, rides, music and county fair food. Ojeda was doing a news report live from the fair and figured he’d be the one to ask about the rides. His reply: “It was great and, apparently, I’ve never been on live television before. But apparently, sometimes, I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid, and apparently, apparently grandpa just gives me the remote after we watch the Powerball.” She was able to get a few words from him about one of the rides, but then he came back to his TV experience. “And I’ve never, ever been on live television. I’ve never, ever been on live television.” Asked if he was excited, “Yeah, and apparently, I only went down the Super Slide. When I went down the one, I was scared half to death. I just freaked out!”

Noah’s attempt at giving a grownup interview became a huge hit on the internet. It also earned him appearances on “Good Morning America” and “Ellen.” Three years later, in 2017, he became a regular on “The Toy Box,” an ABC show where toy inventors bring their ideas before a panel of young judges.

Despite his apparent aptitude for television — Stephen Colbert called him a “natural-born newsman” — Noah has no plans to become a reporter when he grows up. His heart is set on a career as a paleontologist. We can only hope television’s loss will be science’s gain!

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