After Living In Chains His Whole Life, When They Set Him Free, This Dog Does Something Incredible!

Unfortunately for dogs and for all of us animal lovers out there, there’s still a lot of people in this day and age that don’t understand them in the way that they should. When a pup has an excessively aggressive behavior, the blame is always put on the dog instead of the owners or the caretakers, and this causes for some tragedies to happen, more often than not.

Let’s face the matter right here. When people see at a barking dog, do they think about the dog being aggressive, or do they consider that maybe he learned that this kind of behavior is the way he should act because of the environment that he grew up in? It’s not always easy for a dog, because owners can sometimes be kind parents that accept you in their family, and sometimes can be abusive psychopaths.

The German Shepherd in the video below is named Alex, and he had lived in chains his whole life because of his owner’s irresponsible behavior. He’s obviously become very aggressive towards any human that he sees, but after he’s set free and cared for in a proper way, his life changes completely!

See this incredible dog rescue story in the clip right below.

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