After Living By A River Bank For Weeks, This Dog Got Saved By Hope For Paws!

There’s a very serious issue in the world that we live in today, and it’s directly related to the simple fact that humans have been completely irresponsible with their treatment of animals in our cities and populations. Every year, hundreds and hundreds of more cats and dogs being their life in the streets, with no guarantee for dignity, food, or shelter, and with very little hopes of having a proper home ever. Thankfully, organizations like Hope For Paws exist to bring the peace and wellbeing that these animals have always deserved, and they made this video to show the importance of this issue.

The following clip shows the rescuing of a beautiful German Shepherd dog, who was reported as abandoned and living in the banks of the Los Angeles River. Eldad Hagar, the founder of this amazing organization, is seen on action with his friend Lisa, as they come to the rescue of this poor puppy. He’s in abhorrent conditions, completely dirty and covered in mud, and he looks like he barely gets anything to eat at all. Thanks to them, he’ll be happy again and eventually will get a new forever home that he deserves!

Watch this incredible doggy rescue in the video just below here.

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