This Llama Is All Sorts Of Territorial! When Barczyk Cleans Her Cage, Watch Out!

Animals get territorial about their place, be it in the jungle, the farm, or the zoo. They often like thinks to be a certain way, and if that gets changed… look out. It’s almost an animal form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. That’s what happens when Brian Barczyk, the host of a show about reptiles, decides to see what it’s like to work with mammals. Well, Misty the llama is one mammal that he probably wishes he had never reckoned with.

Misty does NOT make life easy for Barczyk, the poor guy who is trying to clean her pen. She starts aggressively pushing up against him and even doing a semi-tackle at some point. This is a strong animal – Barczyk is not a small man, he even looks sort of like NFL football player Clay Matthews. Matthews would probably have had an easier time with this, though. Barczyk tries to persevere, but it all gets to be too much at one point.

It’s not that Misty is really mean. She just has an idea of what she wants her pen to look like and this guy is messing it up. I mean, after Barczyk jumps over the fence, she comes up to the camera like, “Aww. Why are you leaving?” Then again, that might be just his version of trash talk. “Yeah, you’re leaving… you thought you were so big and so strong… but I chased your sorry butt out of there. Don’t make me test my spitting range. Don’t… “

Barczyk was never in really a whole lot of danger. He’s even laughing sometimes when Misty is chasing him around. Of course, part of that could just be a sardonic, “What The Bleep Did I get Myself Into?” expression. After that day, he probably ran all the way back to his reptiles. It probably makes him appreciate what the zoo staffer puts up with every day. Though he might think again if a Komodo dragon gets mad at him.

I was laughing so hard at this video. Then again, I’m not the one being chased around by a llama. What did you think? Tell us in the comment section below!

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