She Was Locked In A Cage Birthing Litter After Litter Of Puppies…When She FINALLY Gets Rescued? OMG

It is said that puppy mills are run on inhumane practices and are one of most horrible breeding places. According to the Humane Society, it’s hard to regulate or outlaw these mills because it is really tough to tell from the outside if the breeders are actually mistreating their dogs. There is no way to be certain. But one thing is for sure; puppy mills care more about profit than the dogs.

There are many dogs that are affected by the neglect and carelessness of such mills. The dog featured in this video, Harleigh, is one of them. When people came to save her, she was scared stiff of her rescuers. After an hour with the kind people, her behavior changed radically. She spent all her life locked in a tiny cage delivering litter after litter of puppies, and she never knew love or warmth. But saving her was definitely worth it.

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