Locked in an abandoned train car for 15 years, tigers finally taste freedom

Tigers Freed From Abandoned Train

Many people try to keep wild animals at home in captivity. This is because they feel a kind of pride and joy in owning these wild animals. However, letting these wild animals live free in their natural habitat is always better.

Recently, in Argentina, animal rescuers freed two tigers from captivity. They were abandoned by a circus and spent 15 years in detention on a train. The owner of the place was asked to feed the big cats weekly.

The poor tigers had no proper care and no stimulation. Although these tigers could see grass from their cages, for the last 15 years, the tigers never touched the grass. The tigers deserved to lead a free life and feel nature around them.

As soon as the animal rescuers heard about the tigers in captivity, they rushed to the spot to save the big cats. They intended to move the cats to Lionsrock Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.

The tigers could understand that something was happening with so many people around them suddenly. They paced around their cages in tension. Finally, the rescuers loaded the tigers into big crates and transported them to South Africa. They released the female tiger first in the sanctuary. Although she was skeptical about her freedom, she finally ran out of the cage after thinking for several minutes about the consequences.

Next, they released the male tiger. He was an old tiger and shivered badly due to fear when asked to go out and enjoy his freedom. However, he eventually left his cage in his natural home.

The tigers could not believe that they were free once again. They hugged each other for a long time as if congratulating each other on their freedom. The two tigers were like family and would share the place together.

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Locked in an abandoned train car for 15 years, tigers finally taste freedom