A lonely parrot wants to fit in with the crowd of cats. What he does next is amazing!

Being part of a certain crowd has been on the minds of people from the beginning of time. Ever since social status was born, and people saw each other separated and sometimes segregated because of it, many people have done some crazy things in order to fit in. One of the first things people did was commit robberies.

They stole in order to have enough money to get recognition from people around them. Of course, not all of them resorted to illicit activities. Some people just worked themselves to the ground because of that needed recognition. It’s okay when you work hard to achieve your dreams, but psychologists say that personal and family improvement must be what fuels this desire, not wanting to impress others.

Some other ways people have tried to fit it at places has been by pretending to be from somewhere else. Sometimes these people will fake an accent to sound more sophisticated. I remember watching a video about this a while ago. There was a student who came from a small town in the country and had been given the chance to study at a fancy private school.

He was sure that if he told his classmates where he was from, his social life would totally be over. So, being able to do impressions, he resorted to something he was able to do, fake accents. He faked a British accent and told everybody he was from London. He would buy newspapers and read articles online, so he would be familiar with popular expressions and current events.

Everything came crashing down for him after one of his classmates heard him talking on the phone with one of his relatives back home. The friend asked him why he was talking in that funny accent and even though he tried to brush it off as him rehearsing for a play, no one in his class believed him. He ended up admitting the whole thing and changing schools.

Well, apparently people are not the only ones who want to impress the rest and fit in. The next video features a bird wanting to do the same thing. This parrot wants to be one of the guys (sorry, cats). He knows the cats are smart and that it is going to take a lot of creativity for them to believe he is one of them. This is when he thinks of his master plan and makes believers out of those cats. You’ll be amazed!