After Long Day, Dad Takes A Shower. He Is Suddenly Soothed By Gentle Melody of His Feathered Friend

We all have ways that we like to unwind after a long day. Napping, working out, reading, drawing… you name it. Then there’s nothing like stepping under a nice steaming shower to loosen all the stress of a day of work. You might even start humming a song or two to yourself. It adds to the shower experience. But what if you get musical accompaniment while you’re in there?

This video shows Oliver, who is a type of parrot called a Caique. He’s sitting on the shower curtain, looking down at his daddy. Fortunately, he doesn’t say anything like, “Whoa! That pasty butt is so white that it’s visible from outer space!” No… he starts singing a tune. It’s a nice melody – so nice that when he stops for a bit, Daddy even claps for him to continue. That’s entertainment while washing your hair.

Of course, this would have gone differently if Oliver had landed on the shower curtain and suddenly started belting out the Baja Boys’ “Who Let The Dogs Out?”” “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? WHOO WHOO!” I think we would have heard multiple bottles of shampoo, bars of soap and then a final scrabble and thump as a startled Daddy took a tumble in the shower. At least that would have been me… assuming I heard it.

Parrots can be very social creatures, and this just proves it. Oliver wants to give his daddy company while he’s in the bathroom. Fortunately, he’s a very small bird and can easily perch there on the shower rack. If he was, like, an eagle, he would have broken it. Then again, I don’t know why anyone would allow an eagle in their bathroom unless it flew in through an open window. Then I think any singing would be turning into screams…

I was nearly singing along here throughout the video. What about you? Were you tempted to sing some tunes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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