Long-Lost Wedding Photos Spotted in Store Window; Another Surprise Inside

They say the world is always getting smaller. For Jane Foster of Colorado, it’s more than just a figure of speech. Walking down the street, she saw a long-lost family heirloom in a store window.

Back in 2003, the family missed a storage room payment and the facility’s management removed the contents and sold them at auction. Jane was frantic and made a good 40 or 50 phone calls trying to find out where various things had ended up. Unfortunately, all of the leads turned out to be dead ends.


Fourteen years later, Jane was walking down Main Street in Grand Junction when she saw a framed set of three photos in the window of a store called “A Robin’s Nest of Antiques & Treasures.” The photos were of a woman in her wedding dress and looked instantly familiar.

“I totally jumped, and I’m sure my feet left the sidewalk. I just couldn’t believe it! All my life, we saw this picture on the wall in our home. I stood there, and I blinked and blinked and blinked, and that was my mother’s wedding picture. And you blink again, and you think, ‘Oh, you’re seeing things.’ You look again and, oh my gosh, it’s my mother’s wedding pictures.”


Robin’s Nest co-owner Shane Allerheiligen must have wondered why the woman who came into his store looked so stunned. After Jane told him the story, a light bulb went off in his head: he remembered they’d purchased something else from the same lot at the auction. He fetched a box from a nearby counter.

Inside was the wedding gown Jane’s mother wore on her big day back in 1948! When Jane asked Shane the prices for the photos and wedding gown, he gave them to her for free, telling her they were now home.

Long-Lost Wedding Photos Spotted in Store Window; Another Surprise Inside