Look at how these dogs react to finding cats sleeping in their beds. Hilarious!

In wildlife, it’s all about protecting your territory. Animals have their own space that must be respected or there will be dire consequences. Animals like wolves, for example, howl at each other to announce that there’s a group of them around there and that they should look for another space in case they happen to be dwelling these parts.

But what happens if the invasion takes place in our homes? I’ve had both cats and dogs and can tell you firsthand that if you don’t let both know what space is yours and which one is theirs, you probably will have to start looking for a new favorite chair. It used to be that people thought that the only ones that would do such a thing would be cats.

I’ve had a few dogs in my lifetime and I remember I’ve had to let them know which spaces belonged to me and which to them. A fine line is drawn here between people who believe they should treat their pets as pets and the ones who believe they should treat pets as family. People who treat pets as part of the family usually allow them to sleep in their beds and sit on their sofas.

While the sanitary aspect of it is still debatable, most of us get our dogs or cats their own bed. We usually place this bed at our bedside or close to our bedrooms. There are other people who have them stay in a cage at home. Being in a cage will also keep your house cleaner and will let the pet know that there are certain spaces that are meant to be yours.

I had a friend who let his dog sleep with him. I remember that he would be teased that he had a certain ‘doggie’ odor to him. It was barely noticeable but if you were indoors, you would definitely get it. One time, his boss told him he should get his dog his own bed because it was unsanitary for him to be always smelling that way. That made him think about it and finally get his dog a bed.

There are instances where dogs have their own bed, but some other pets decide they want to sleep on it. Other pets like cats, for example. What does a dog do when he realizes there’s someone else sleeping where they are not supposed to be? Well, here’s a compilation of dogs finding cats sleeping in their beds. Check out the funny reactions that will leave you in stitches!