Look At What This Endearing Baby Duckling Does Every Time His Owner Goes For A Walk! Aww!

There are many videos that showcase adorable human and animal friendships. Most of them feature dogs or cats and while these are pretty amazing, this clip of this adorable ducking and his owner is sure to melt your heart!  I am big fan of people that are able to give all their love and devotion to unlikely pets and this clip is undeniable proof of the bond between this duo.

Meet Charley he is a duckling and  he is the most adorable thing you’ll ever see. Even a little child will let go of his/her parent when they feel comfortable. But not this little duckling! He doesn’t want to let go of his owner even for a second. You have to see what Charley does when his owner goes for a walk!

This owner in the video had a little duckling following him everywhere. So he decided to make the world know what his duckling did every single time he went out for the walk. As we can see in the video, this duckling runs as soon as his owner starts walking and stop whenever his owner stops. But what happens when his owner starts running away from him? Now is the time for Charley to show his skill of running!

Please watch and share this adorable clip with all your friends and family, I’m sure this adorable duo will leave them smiling!

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