Look at what this puppy does when a baby goat stares him down!

Puppy videos are among the most entertaining of them all. They feature the funniest interactions out there. At times, they enjoy interacting with kids especially. Maybe it is because they have something in common. Both are growing up and discovering the world. Everything is new to them and they can’t wait to experience everything that nature has for them.

The world is a wide array of colors and smells for the first few months of a puppy’s life. Everything is exciting and worth checking out. Their parents are in charge of alerting them when something can be dangerous and what cannot. Life in a home is usually pretty safe for them. It doesn’t really have any predators that they might run into like in the wild. In the wild, a mother’s decision can be the difference between life and death. There are plenty of predators who are on the lookout an easy meal. The mother then teaches them which are the best places for them to hide in. At home, most of the places are safe.

Nevertheless, there are certain places like the toilet which are better for them to avoid. The first few days of life for the pups are very much like the last days inside their mommy. It is still dark form them as they are still blind. Their eyes are still shut and rely on their sense of smell to get around. They spend a lot of their time very close to their mother.

Their mother is in charge of providing everything for them, including safety from the elements or other animals. People who have had litters at their homes will tell you that in the first 4 weeks of her pup’s life, her mother seems to be the most protective towards them. She will also correct them if she thinks they are behaving out of line.

When people have several types of animals at home, the interactions tend to be even funnier. Imagine puppies running around with hens of ducks. Sometimes the desire of proving themselves gets the best of the puppies, and they get in trouble with other animals. For instance, a puppy exploring the chicken houses might get more than a warning from one of the hens.

The following video features a hilarious moment between two baby animals from different species. The animals are a puppy and a baby goat. The baby goat is playing with the litter of puppies who look like little fluffy stuffed animals. The puppies are starting to walk, and the goat is practicing his headbutting technique. Suddenly, he gets eye to eye with one of the puppies and is not ready for the puppy’s reaction.