Look under your car. If you find one of these, immediately call the police

After you watch this disturbing video, check under your car.  You could be in for a  horrible surprise. If you find one of these devices, immediately contact your local law enforcement authorities. Please, continue reading this frightening story for your own good.

It only takes seconds to attach one of these discrete devices to someone’s vehicle. How many times have you ever gotten into your car and thought maybe I should check for one of these devices? Not too many, right?

GPS Tracking Device for Car

In this video by Inside Editon, we learn about a new high tech crime. It usually happens when you go shopping and leave your car parked. Now common criminals, home invaders, jealous ex’s, past lovers, jilted friends, bill collectors, private investigators, and nosey neighbors can get you when you are most vulnerable.

At work or at home, we should all feel safe. Thinking of someone watching your every move is a terrifying thought! In today’s society, these things happen all the time. Are we ever really safe, alone, or are we being watched?

Well, this could become a sad reality if each state doesn’t create some laws to protect us from this! Though some victims are speaking out, this issue hasn’t been dealt with by every state. In some states, there are no laws to protect you from this new high-tech crime.

We are seeing more and more cases such as those shown in the video, where just anyone can track you, with almost no consequence. Where do we draw the lines of what is private and what is necessary? These tracking devices are affordable and easily obtainable. Also, these GPS trackers are legal but only if you place them in a car that you own.

One example is Shaun Tyman of Massachusetts, who prosecutors say placed a GPS tracking device on his female co-worker’s car, then used it to follow her movements for days. Tyman was charged with stalking and has pleaded not guilty.

Some viewers of this video say, “There should be no need for these since we have social media following us all day!” Some, on the other hand, was outraged, “What, so in states like Georgia, Indiana, Florida, Texas, and Kentucky it’s 100% LEGAL to do this?!”

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