He Looked Like An Ordinary Cat. But When I Saw Him Turn Around, I Was Speechless!

The cat in this video is called Frank and Louie. Why two names you say? Well, Frank and Louie, unlike other cats, has two faces. He defied the norm and is now 12 years old, making him the longest lived Janus cat, which earned him a Guinness World Record. A Janus cat is a two-faced cat, named after the Roman God with two faces, and this is a result of a birth defect.

It was believed he would not survive even a week, so he was brought to Tufts Veterinary School to be euthanized when he was just a day old. But his kind owner, Ms. Stevens, who worked at the vet school, took him in. He has three eyes, but the one in the middle doesn’t see, and he only has one mouth connected to his esophagus.

Frank and Louie share their household with other cats and two parrots, one of which sings opera. They all get along and Frank and Louie is very affectionate. Stevens says other people react with shock when they see him, but he’s so sweet that everyone loves him.

Now after 15 years, this rare cat has died. The cause is said to be cancer and not a result of his condition. Ms. Steven says she would love to adopt a Janus cat again if she has the chance. I’m sure she misses Frank and Louie.

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