He Looked Into A Rescued Horse’s Eyes. What He Said Next SHATTERED My Heart! OMG!

Most people can’t wait to retire so they can finally do what they’ve been dreaming of for years. Many retired folks enjoy travelling, since they finally have the time and the savings to do so. Larry and Peggy Neaves was one of those who wanted to travel. He was an FBI agent and she worked for the US Customs. But after retiring, their life took a very different turn.

Instead of travelling, this couple, who had no prior experience of rearing horses, seceded to open Habitat for Horses. They took in abused and mistreated horses and breathed new life into them. They had originally wanted to open a hospice for dying horses, but the ones that came to them blossomed in their care. They’ve only lost 3 horses in 2 and a half years, which is quite something, especially considering the horrible conditions the poor horses were in.

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