She Looks Into The Eyes Of A Dying Dog, And Minutes Later, A Miracle Happens

Warning, this is a horrible story of animal abuse and the images may shock you, but it is also an amazing story of hope for this dog that was rescued. You will be relieved and joyous by the end of this video. Rescue From the Heart is an organization that does a lot to help animals, and in this video they show the story of Angel, a dog they saved from one of the worst situations of neglect and abuse they had ever dealt with.

Angel had just barely been hanging on, starving for months, and by the time Rescue From the Heart found her, she was very near death. She had been starving and barely surviving for months, and by the time the Rescue From The Hart team came to her rescue, she was already on the verge of death. These images are quite shocking, because they show how Angel was pretty much a skeleton with skin because of the abuse and neglect that she had suffered.

She was in critical condition and needed medical care right away if she had any hope of surviving. They had to feed her in very small amounts at a time so her body could process the nourishment, otherwise her system might have overloaded and she could have died. With the patience and dedication of good people and her own strength and spirit, she survived. You won’t recognize her at the end of video because of her transformation.

Watch Angel’s amazing rescue and recovery in the video below!

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