She looks into the eyes of a dying dog. Moments later? A miracle…

This is one of the most shocking and amazing dog rescue stories, and the gruesome images might shock you to your stomach, but rest assured; you’ll be relieved and overflowing with joy by the end of the video. It shows the story of Angel, a dog who was saved by the Rescue From The Hart organization. It’s one of the worst cases of abandonment and neglect that the organization has ever had to deal with.

She had been starving and barely surviving for months, and by the time the Rescue From The Hart team came to her rescue, she was already on the verge of death. The images can be quite shocking, because it shows how Angel was barely a bag of bones due to all of the abuse and neglect that she had to live through.

Angel was in such a delicate state, that they couldn’t even feed her as much as they could right away, because it could’ve hurt her more than helping. But with a lot of strength, patience, and dedication, Angel slowly recovered her own strength and spirit. By the end of the video, you’ll barely be able to recognize that it’s the same dog.

Watch Angel’s amazing rescue and recovery in the video right below!