He looks like a normal cat, but when you take a look at his legs… It’s a miracle!

Medicine has seen great advancements that have helped many people have a better quality of life. I recently saw one development that blew my mind. A man developed a wheelchair that allows the user to stand up to do other things. This special wheelchair is so wonderful that people who use it can work at a normal office and do pretty much anything a normal person can with only the push of a button.

Many of these advancements have also helped many animals. I recently saw a video of a man who adopted a dog at his local shelter. This dog had a few medical conditions that would need to be addressed shortly. The man took his dog to be assessed and a surgery was scheduled. The man knew that after this surgery, his dog would have a better fighting chance at life.

The day of the surgery arrived, and the man was on time with his dog at the hospital. The veterinarians operated on the dog, but something went wrong. The surgery had fixed the problem the dog had but it had also left him a paraplegic. As soon as the dog woke up and the medical team noticed, the dog’s owner was informed of the outcome.

The medical team recommended the owner to put the dog to sleep because living life as a paraplegic would be too much for the poor dog. The man, however, did not want to have to say goodbye to his pal and believe he still had a lot of fight in him. He took his dog home and started to think of ways he could help him get better.

He devised a rail system in his garage that allowed the dog to exercise, so he would not lose muscle tone and would hopefully aid in his recovery. The best thing about this is that it only cost him about $35! He also got him a special vest that allows him to help carry the dog’s hind legs when they go out for a walk. But if you were to see them taking a walk, you would think he was just a normal dog going for a walk.

The surgeons in the following video have also gone the extra mile to save the life of a beautiful kitten. They have a cat who was missing a couple if his paws and got one leg injured. The normal procedure to do in these cases is to euthanize the animal because there’s no feasible way for him to live a normal life. Shortly after learning this, one of the surgeons has a great idea. Why not make bionic paws for the cat? Would that be feasible? Click on the video for the amazing conclusion!