He Looks Like An Ordinary Parrot, But Watch How He Answers Mom’s Questions! You’ll Be STUMPED!

Having pets is beneficial to humans. It keeps them occupied, entertained, and also happier and healthier in the long run. A lot of families prefer dogs, and others go for cats. But some of us nowadays have been fascinated by birds. Maybe it’s because of the sudden influx of bird videos on the net, but more and more people are starting to adopt birds. Just watch this bird owner below! The video below features all the best moments of her parrot. This clip is sure to leave you in hysterics!

Riley is an Eclectus parrot and he is a really beautiful little bird. According to his owners, they are lucky to have a bird that talks back to them. It might just be imitation, but this bird can actually reply back accordingly to his owner’s questions! How cool is that? This will definitely make you smile!

Birds, especially parrots and cockatoos, are smarter than people actually give them credit for. Not only can the mimic their humans, but they can also memorize song lyrics, sing, and some are actually really great dancers. The parrot in this clip seems to have a special talent for being able to answer his owner’s questions.

This bird not only answers his human, but he appears to have adopted her accent as well. I’ve never heard that in a bird video before. This parrot is not only beautiful, but I’d say he’s clever as well.

Watch this funny video below! Isn’t Riley amazing? Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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