It Looks Like A Regular Christmas Recital. But Watch What This Little Angel Does! She’s Amazing!

Rich and Lynn Andrews were devastated when the unthinkable happened to their five-month-old baby girl, Lynneah. After struggling with a nearly fatal bout of meningitis, their little one lost 100 percent of her hearing. The couple was heartbroken, as hearing was a big part of their lives. They often ministered at church using music and song.

“I was just devastated, absolutely devastated,” Rich told ABC Action News’ Linda Hurtado. “As a dad, when your child is broken, you want to fix it.” They had nearly lost hope when a friend referred them to a doctor who could perform a procedure that, at the time, was still in its experimental stage. Lynneah met the criteria and was given cochlear implants. Six years later, like the Stehle family who over came their father’s deafness, Rich and Lynn regard something so simple as a Christmas miracle.

Lynneah with her “bionic ears” is now able to hear and perform in the Christmas recital. In it she plays an angel of the Lord, she gives a great big speech, and she sings and dances with her family and friends. “You know the Lord could have taken her home, but he has a plan for her life,” said Lynn. Now this brave little girl and her family enjoy music together all the time.

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