He Looks A Rescued Horse In The Eyes, And What He Said Next Tore Me Apart

Many couples dream of travelling the world and going on long vacations when they retire. Larry and Peggy Neaves was one of those couples, but instead they made a decision that changed their lives forever. Instead of spending their money on travels, the Neaves decided to dedicate their time caring for abused and neglected horses. They built a sanctuary called Habitat for Horses to take care of these magnificent animals and they found that this is just as rewarding as traveling the world.

Larry is a former FBI agent and Peggy is a past inspector with U.S. Customs. They are both familiar with bad people, including abusive animal owners. All the horses that come to them have heartbreaking pasts and Larry and Peggy know what happened to each and every one of them. At first, they thought that most of the horses would not make it another year due to the abuse they faced at the hands of their previous owners. But because of the love and care they received from the Neaves, they started recovering and now most have long, happy lives in front of them. They have space to roam and companionship with each other, and of course, plenty to eat and lots of love to help them recover.

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