After Losing Their Dog In A Tragic Way, They Found Her In The Most Miraculous Way! WOW

I can only imagine the terrible feeling that the couple in this story felt. Can you imagine the same thing happening to you? Last year, in 2015, Terry and Lorie Traviss were traveling on their car on the road, on a trip from Alberta (in Canada) to Memphis, Georgia, in the U.S. They were traveling along with their 4-year-old dog named Dixie, and all of a sudden, their trip took a bad turn when Dixie disappeared while they made a stop to eat.

When they got to their car, they realized that it had been broken into and Dixie had been taken by the thieves. The Traviss couple was struck very heavily by this, and they were determined to get their dog friend back. Instead of continuing on their journey, they stayed for a whole week in a motel room in town to keep looking for Dixie. They received all sorts of help from the community, but to no avail.

When all hope seemed to be lost, they received a miraculous message from a stranger back in Canada. He had heard of their story online, and the news that he gave them will leave you in shock! I won’t spoil it for you, but the ending is definitely worth it!

Watch the full dog rescue story for yourself, in the video just below.

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