Lost Baby Crawling On Dangerous Highway! Convict Becomes Unlikely Hero! What Happens Next!!?

Children are precious little things that are meant to be kept safe and warm in a healthy environment yet sadly, this is not always the case for many children around the world. Luckily for this young toddler, her guardian angel was nearby to keep an eye out for her.

Bryant was driving down the highway in Madison County, Georgia, on his way to another job as an auto repair man that he noticed something very unusual by the road. He stopped to see what it was and was shocked to see a little baby crawling by the highway! This little 15 month old toddler had crawled 300 yards from her home in the woods to reach the highway.

He was absolutely shocked to see the little girl by the side of the road. Being a typically busy highway, filled with cars, the little one was very lucky indeed. Bryant was able to stop his car to rescue her. Being able to stop was very rare as that particular highway usually was chock-a-bloc with cars zipping by in both directions.

Once the child was safely in his arms, he immediately called 911 to report the missing child. As they waited for the police to arrive, the child began to cry. He whipped out his phone and entertained the child with the gospel music he had stored and she calmed right down. It took a whole two hours before help reached them and he patiently waited on the spot with the little child for those two hours.

The police investigated the matter and arrested the father, Timothy Pickens for negligence and may also arrest the mother. Fortunately, the child wasn’t hurt, thanks to the watchfulness of Bryant, said Kip Thomas, the Madison County Sheriff. What’s amazing about this story is also how Bryant turned his life around from being a convicted felon for manufacturing cocaine to a respectable, trouble free auto repair man who changed his life to be a better person.

I loved this story of the ex convict rescuing and soothing the lost child while I was sooo angry at the parents for neglecting their little one! What did you think of the video? Write in and let us know!

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