Lost dog can’t find his way home for 6 days, cries real tears when his owner finds him

Losing your dog is definitely not fun. The feeling is very close to losing one of your kids. Even if it’s for a minute, losing one of your kids in a supermarket is a terrifying experience. I’m not saying is the same thing, but dogs are many times defenseless against pretty much everything. One thing is that if dogs ever get lost, they will try to come back. Remember they have very good smell and usually can find their way home. For instance, there was the case that we had recently about a little boy named Rocco.

Rocco was playing with his dog Jack when the dog went missing. Rocco and his family desperately looked for him with no results. The days turned into weeks in the weeks turned into months. One night, Rocco dreamed that his dog returned to him. He was pretty sure this would never happen. Eight months went by with no one seeing him nor the dog returning. One day, a family friend was in a gas station when he saw a stray dog approaching him. When the dog got closer he realized it was Jack. He took Jack to Rocco’s home and all the family surprised him. This is one of the very few stories with a happy ending.

There are many people who lose their dog never to see him back. The problem is if it’s a small breed, some people who find the dog are tempted to keep it. When this happens, the dog never goes back to its owner. Some special breeds which might be difficult to get are hardly ever returned. For owners, we don’t really care how much we need to spend or how long we must wait. The only thing we want is to get our dogs back. To get them back safe and sound.

There was this other case of a man who lost his Yorkshire terrier. The dog was six-years-old and had some hip problems. He posted several flyers around the city trying to get someone to return him. Several months passed with no result. One day, he was in the park and he could see a small dog who looked to be injured. When he went to see the dog, it turned out it was his own lost friend. It had been attacked by other dogs and was in very bad shape. He got him back home and had him checked by a vet. Fortunately, the dog could recover.

The owner in the next video goes to the market one day. He always takes his dog with him and today was no exception. His dog, Xiao-Mei would always hop in the motorcycle indicating he was ready to go. When they were on their way back, a neighbor started lighting some fireworks which scared the poor dog.

The dog ended up running in the opposite direction of the owner. He wandered the streets for about six days. The dog made it to a friend’s house and the friend happily called his owner Jeremy. Jeremy got reunited with his dog in a very touching moment that was captured in the following video. The dog gets so happy, he even cries!