Lost dog wandering a railway track – you won’t believe what happened when his owner was contacted!

It seems we’re always covering abandoned and lost animals these days, with some heart-breaking tales of family pets simply being dumped by the side of a road. It doesn’t get any easier – but the resolve and dedication of animal rescuers will continue to get stronger and stronger. We have to keep fighting the good fight, bringing animal abusers to justice and finding forever homes for defenceless animals that just want to be loved. Bobi here was no exception.

This old timer was found wandering near a railway station in Romania, and he looked like he’d seen better days. Howl of a Dog is a non-profit organisation based in the country who specialise in rescuing animals and putting them up for adoption internationally. Dogs need rescuing and adopting all over the world, and they’re now looking for a new home for old Bobi. But we’re sure he’s going to be in great demand!

Rescuers were initially terrified this lost and lonely pooch would be hit by a passing train – but they were also concerned for their own safety, so it took some amount of coaxing to bring the animal to a better spot where they could assess him and the situation. Once they had lured him with some tasty treats, the team could bring him in for a full check-up and find out the whole story – and it will shock you.

Thinking that Bobi was just another street dog, rescuers were amazed when they discovered the animal was already microchipped! Bobi apparently already had a family and was, in fact, NINE MILES away from home! Believing it to be a simple phone call to reunite Bobi with his long-lost human parents, they were heartbroken to find out his previous owners no longer wanted the animal. It appeared that Bobi had run away from home.

He was in bad shape too, unable to see out of one of his eyes and was clearly not well taken care of. But thanks to the team at Howl of a Dog, they soon had him ship-shape again, and loving life once more. Although the old fella is in his twilight years, he’s not short of admirers, as many people come forward to adopt this gentle and friendly soul.

Watch this amazing video of Bobi’s rescue – and if you’re interested in adopting him or any other abandoned animal, contact Howl of a Dog for more information. This amazing team have been re-homing loving dogs all over the world – maybe it’s your turn to show your love next?