Lost lioness finally reunites with her pride after 3 days. Wait till you see how they react!

Lions are without doubt one of the most magnificent animals on this planet. While other cats live alone, these beautiful creatures live in groups called prides and are often regarded as being social. From hunting to taking care of their young ones, they do everything together. Therefore, separation from their prides can cause anxiety and despair.

The clip given below features a story of a lioness that was separated from her pride for three whole days. Watching her lonesome state is really heart wrenching. The video doesn’t explain how she became separated from her pride. She’s alone, lying in some bushes, and seems vulnerable, to both predators and other lion prides. She is making a low, rumbling sound in an attempt to call her pride.

The people filming this see her pride approaching after forty minutes of her calls. She cautiously steps out of the bushes, but is still hidden from the pride until she is sure it’s hers. Then we see the moment she realizes this is her family.  Watching till the end is totally worth it.

Her pride finally finds her after days of searching and the way they react when they reunite is beautiful! This was filmed near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. You can see here that they missed this member of the pride a great deal and she missed them as well.

Watch this heartwarming clip below and don’t forget to share what you thought about it through your comments!