Puppy Was LOST in the Desert for 65 Days. Prepare Yourself for an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride.

Ily, a puppy, was in the car with her owner, when they both got in a bad accident. Ily ran off into the desert while her owner was rushed to the hospital.

As her owner recovered in the hospital, no sign of Ily had appeared. (If you’re wondering how Ily got her name, its stands for “I Love You.”)

Volunteers placed a cage with food inside and waited for days, hoping to catch Ily and reunite her with her owner. Then finally, 65 days after the car accident, Ily walked into that cage! Watch the video to her reaction when she sees her owner again!

Wasn’t that fantastic?! I was a bit teary myself. The joy on Ily’s face is wonderful. She finally started to wag her tail.

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