Lovable dog and cat help little girl go to bed

This adorable baby girl has formed quite a unique bond with her pets (a cat and a dog), which have been around since she was an infant.

Woodhouse the cat and Raven the dog are the best furry friends one can have. These two pets are always by Penny, the adorable baby girl’s side and over the years, the trio has formed quite an inseparable bond.

The two sweet pets have been watching over Penny since she was an infant. Whenever her bedtime approaches, they help lead her to her crib so that she can take her nap.

It’s amazing how Raven and Woodhouse are well-conversant with Penny’s daily routine. When the adorable baby girl isn’t taking a nap, they play with her in the garden or even watch her as she takes her snacks.

When Penny was born, the two pets were curious about the little infant and have been by her side ever since. Penny’s mom, Christina, has already opened an Instagram account for the duo where the fans enjoy following up on their daily activities.

With more than fifteen thousand views, we can say most people have enjoyed watching the trio go about their daily routine. We can’t wait to see more of these adorable besties.

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Lovable dog and cat help little girl go to bed