Lucy tells Ricky she’s pregnant, a historic moment in television history

When it came time to reveal the good news to her husband, Lucille Ball, the star of ‘I Love Lucy’ came across an incredible way to break the good news to him.

Gifted with a great voice, the actual on screen and off screen husband of Lucille Ball, the star of the hit TV show ‘I Love Lucy’ found out that he was going to be a dad in the most fantastic way.

If you are familiar with the show, you’ll know Lucy’s slapstick acts, and her husband’s reactions made the show what it is. With cameras rolling, the actress took the opportunity to share a tender moment with her husband without him being aware in a special episode of Season Two.

As Ricky (Desi Arnaz’ name in the show) is performing, he gets a request from a fan to sing “We’re Having a Baby” to tell her husband in a unique way that their family is growing.

As he sings “Rock-A-Bye” while searching for the lucky couple, he walks around the dining area in which many couples are seated. He walks past his wife who is sitting alone, and she smiles, but he walks past her. Suddenly, he stops and looks at her again, and she nods in affirmation, and you can tell from his face that it seems he’s been struck by lightning.

It’s clear that this is no publicity gimmick or a fake reaction, the surprise and shock on his face is as real as it can get. I loved the way he realized halfway through his performance that the note was penned by his wife and this was her way of telling her husband. I LOVED the unique way she went about it. A man serenading himself to hear the news his wife wishes him to know.

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Lucy tells Ricky she\'s pregnant, a historic moment in television history