This Lovebird Sees A Tiny Cardboard In Front Of Him. However, When He Did THIS Next I Just LOST It! Adorable!

When it comes to our pets we are in love. We simply adore the animals that we chose to bring into our homes and made family. They mean so much to us and we ask that anyone that comes into our homes treats our pets with the same love and respect that we show them.

For the most part there are the same animals that are the most popular, those animals are normally dogs, cats, rabbits and horses. Those have always been the crowd pleasers for years but there is one animal that is quickly gaining in popularity, any idea what animal we’re talking about? Birds!

Birds have quickly become one of the most popular animals to get as pets and we believe that it is in large part due to the fact that more and more people are able to see bird videos online. Until we were able to see these adorable videos not many people knew how wonderful birds are as pets. Well this video is definitely proof of that.

In this delightful video you will meet Biko. Biko is a lovebird who is very playful and fun and just loves to do things around the house with his family. In this video you will see some of the amazing things that Biko is able to do all on his own. What a little cutie pie!

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